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Computer: Secure Passwords and Numerical PINs How to choose highly secure psswords and numeric PINs with examples using the Linux tool pwgen.
Computer: Access Encrypted ZFS from Rescue Boot How to decrypt an Ubuntu 22.04 file system on an encrypted ZFS installation to fix problems, namely if you lost your sudo rights.
Computer: Synchronize Data between two Servers behind Firewalls How to synchronize files between two servers behind different firewalls that don't see each other using rsync and and ssh with root access on both servers and through a user's laptop as man in the middle.
Computer: Run a Stable LizardFS After some evaluation, LizardFS is my recommended distributed file system. It provides redundancy for huge amounts of storage and is fast enough to serve as docker storage backend. But still there are a lot of pitfalls that could make you loose your data. Here is a collection of my learnings.
Computer: PC-Engines APU.2D4 as Docker Worker How to use some cheap CHF 178 APU.2D4 servers to build up a powerful docker swarm cloud based on Ubuntu. You find step by step installation instruction including some hints for optimization. As storage backend, I recommend LizardFS.
Computer: Backup Ubuntu to Docker Setting up a server for backing up your ubuntu home, e.g. from your notebook, is a task, done in just ten minutes. All you need is a publicly available server running docker.
Computer: Evaluation of Distributed Filesystems for Docker Swarm Evaluation of a distributed filesystem to be used for docker swarm volumes.
Computer: Add or Replace Harddisk on Running System Simple command line steps to add a new harddisk to a running Linux LVM system, and how to exchange an old harddisk with a newer bigger one. Even with no reboot needed.
Computer: Setup OpenLDAP Server in Docker Setup an OpenLDAP server in a docker container, including a LDAP Administration Manager web interface, requires just four commands in a Linux bash. Three more to enable TLS.
Computer: Stream Editor sed Overview and Reference Views: 1869I was missing a one-page overwiew of sed commands, so here they are: Command Line Options option description –version show version –help show short usage -n –quiet –silent only produces output when explicitly told to via the p command -e SCRIPT –expression=SCRIPT explicitly add script expression -f SCRIPT-FILE –file=SCRIPT-FILE read script from file -i[SUFFIX] [read ...]
Computer: Docker Overview Short summary on Containers, Images and how to use Docker. Introduction for beginners, containerization.
Computer: Remove All Old Kernel Images in Ubuntu If you have a separate /boot partition, it may be that it gets full after some updates. Then these instructions show you, how to cleanup old kernel images.
Computer: Combine PKCS11 (SuisseID) and SSH How to use a PKCS#11 hardware token, such as SuisseID for SSH login.
Computer: Install SwissSign SSL Server Certificate in Apache How to install SwissSign SSL certificates on an Apache webserver.