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Secure Passwords and Numerical PINs How to choose highly secure psswords and numeric PINs with examples using the Linux tool pwgen.
Blockchain Vergleich Welche Blockchains sind interessant und könnten sich aus welchen Gründen und zu welchem Zweck durchsetzen? Ein Vergleich mit Bewertung von Eigenschaften relevanter Blockchains, basierend auf Kriterien wie Sicherheit, Funktionalität und Technologie.
NestJS + MikroORM A comparision between MikroORM and TypeORM in NestJS based on a simple sample project including one to many, many to one and many to many relations.
Access Encrypted ZFS from Rescue Boot How to decrypt an Ubuntu 22.04 file system on an encrypted ZFS installation to fix problems, namely if you lost your sudo rights.
C++ Container Overview Overview of the C++ containers and their most impurtant functions and the available stacks.
Successful Software Projects Rules and hints for successful software development projects based on my >30 years of experience in software development.
Synchronize Data between two Servers behind Firewalls How to synchronize files between two servers behind different firewalls that don't see each other using rsync and and ssh with root access on both servers and through a user's laptop as man in the middle.
Run a Stable LizardFS After some evaluation, LizardFS is my recommended distributed file system. It provides redundancy for huge amounts of storage and is fast enough to serve as docker storage backend. But still there are a lot of pitfalls that could make you loose your data. Here is a collection of my learnings.
PC-Engines APU.2D4 as Docker Worker How to use some cheap CHF 178 APU.2D4 servers to build up a powerful docker swarm cloud based on Ubuntu. You find step by step installation instruction including some hints for optimization. As storage backend, I recommend LizardFS.
C++11 … 14 … 17 … 20 For all of you who have been programming C++ since ages, it makes sense to summarize the changes in C++ after the famous STL introduction in 1998, so let's summarize the features of C++11, C++14, C++17.
Build for Old Mac OSX Versions How to build a binary program on a new Mac that is compatible to an older OSX version? That means, how to support an old deployment target?
Extract Mac-OSX dmg and pkg Installer How to extract a Mac-OSX installation package on Ubuntu Linux to analyze the contents.
SuisseID as Code Signing HSM How to get a SwissSign codesign certificate using the SuisseID as HSM on Linux Ubuntu. Example how to digitally sign a windows executable.
Backup Ubuntu to Docker Setting up a server for backing up your ubuntu home, e.g. from your notebook, is a task, done in just ten minutes. All you need is a publicly available server running docker.
Evaluation of Distributed Filesystems for Docker Swarm Evaluation of a distributed filesystem to be used for docker swarm volumes.
FAZ und SZ im Firefox lesen ohne Javascript und trotz Werbeblocker Was tun, wenn angezeigt wird: «Warum sehe ich FAZ.NET nicht? Sie haben Javascript für Ihren Browser deaktiviert. Aktivieren Sie Javascript jetzt, um unsere Artikel wieder lesen zu können.»? Nervige Werbeblockerblocker kann man oft leicht umgehen.
Docker Swarm and GlusterFS Docker swarm is very easy to setup and maintain. It distributed containers over several nodes in a cloud, offers load balancing, redundancy, failover, smooth updates. But local volumes stay locally, so you need a cluster or network file system. That's where gluster enters the stage.
Preiswerte flexible Multmedia-Lösung Baue einen coolen Videospieler für weniger als hundert Franken aus einem Raspberry Pi mit OpenELEC als Betriebssystem, Kodi (ehemals XBMC) als Mediencenter und xStream als Add-on, um beliebiege Videos in Deutsch aus dem Internet zu schauen.
Kubernetes on Ubuntu 16.04 How to install and maintain Kubernetes in Ubuntu 16.04. I have abandoned Kubernetes in favour of Socker Swarm which is much easier to use and maintain.
Backup Docker Volume to Remote Server Use rsync through SSH with private keys in a con job to backup docker volumes to another server.
WannaCry / Computersicherheit: Schutz vor Cyberattacken Es gibt einfache Möglichkeiten, sich vor Computerattacken, Viren, Betrug und Phishing zu schützen. Grundsätzlich gelten für alle Betriebssysteme die gleichen Regeln im Umgang mit Sicherheit, Updates und E-Mails. Allerdings gibt es auch Systeme, die sicherer sind, und solche, die besonders unsicher sind. Was das Umfeld betrifft, so muss man die Geheimdienste zurückbinden.
Add or Replace Harddisk on Running System Simple command line steps to add a new harddisk to a running Linux LVM system, and how to exchange an old harddisk with a newer bigger one. Even with no reboot needed.
Setup OpenLDAP Server in Docker Setup an OpenLDAP server in a docker container, including a LDAP Administration Manager web interface, requires just four commands in a Linux bash. Three more to enable TLS.
Overwrite Console Key Mapping Ctrl+Alt+F1 A description on where and how to change the basic Unix key mappings on Ubuntu. If you want to reconfigure Ctrl-Alt-Del or Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Alt+F1, you find a solution in this article.
C++11 Variadic Templates: Fun with Tuple Views: 3173To learn the power of the new variadic template parameters, I decided to implement my own tuple class. I know, there is already a tuple Implementation in the C++11 standard library, but it is a cool example anyway, and it is a typical use for variadic templates. Of course, the challenge is to check [read ...]
Stream Editor sed Overview and Reference Views: 1869I was missing a one-page overwiew of sed commands, so here they are: Command Line Options option description –version show version –help show short usage -n –quiet –silent only produces output when explicitly told to via the p command -e SCRIPT –expression=SCRIPT explicitly add script expression -f SCRIPT-FILE –file=SCRIPT-FILE read script from file -i[SUFFIX] [read ...]
Docker Overview Short summary on Containers, Images and how to use Docker. Introduction for beginners, containerization.
Preisvergleich der .ch Registrare in der Schweiz Views: 5607Switchkunden sind gezwungen, ihre .ch-Domain umzuziehen. Dabei kann man locker mehr als ein Drittel sparen.
Synchronize Android Without Google Views: 1744It is simple to setup an Android device that synchronizes data with Google servers. But I want to have full control over my data, so how can I have my Android automatically synchronized with my own servers?
«Debianize» a Project Views: 2313This is outdated, use my new bootstrap-build-environment project instead! (new blog post for that topic will follow) This article describes, how to add fully automated Debian package building to an existing project, as preparation for a Jenkins build job.
Cross Compile OpenSSL for Windows on Linux Views: 20333This article explains how to configure and build the OpenSSL library on a Ubuntu Linux to run on 32bit or 64bit Windows.
Cross Compile on Ubuntu Linux for Windows Using MinGW Views: 20497Cross Compiling on a Linux (Ubuntu) for Windows targets has become really simple in the last years.
Remove All Old Kernel Images in Ubuntu If you have a separate /boot partition, it may be that it gets full after some updates. Then these instructions show you, how to cleanup old kernel images.
Combine PKCS11 (SuisseID) and SSH How to use a PKCS#11 hardware token, such as SuisseID for SSH login.
Install SwissSign SSL Server Certificate in Apache How to install SwissSign SSL certificates on an Apache webserver.