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docker-swarm-gluster-ubuntu Docker Swarm and GlusterFS Docker swarm is very easy to setup and maintain. It distributed containers over several nodes in a cloud, offers load balancing, redundancy, failover, smooth updates. But local volumes stay locally, so you need a cluster or network file system. That's where gluster enters the stage.
20170801_021542_HDR Preiswerte flexible Multmedia-Lösung Baue einen coolen Videospieler für weniger als hundert Franken aus einem Raspberry Pi mit OpenELEC als Betriebssystem, Kodi (ehemals XBMC) als Mediencenter und xStream als Add-on, um beliebiege Videos in Deutsch aus dem Internet zu schauen.
kubernetes-in-ubuntu-logo Kubernetes on Ubuntu 16.04 How to install and maintain Kubernetes in Ubuntu 16.04. I have abandoned Kubernetes in favour of Socker Swarm which is much easier to use and maintain.
docker-backup Backup Docker Volume to Remote Server Use rsync through SSH with private keys in a con job to backup docker volumes to another server.
Virus Computer Combating WannaCry / Computersicherheit: Schutz vor Cyberattacken Es gibt einfache Möglichkeiten, sich vor Computerattacken, Viren, Betrug und Phishing zu schützen. Grundsätzlich gelten für alle Betriebssysteme die gleichen Regeln im Umgang mit Sicherheit, Updates und E-Mails. Allerdings gibt es auch Systeme, die sicherer sind, und solche, die besonders unsicher sind. Was das Umfeld betrifft, so muss man die Geheimdienste zurückbinden.
20170402_191817_HDR Add or Replace Harddisk on Running System Simple command line steps to add a new harddisk to a running Linux LVM system, and how to exchange an old harddisk with a newer bigger one. Even with no reboot needed.
openldap-docker Setup OpenLDAP Server in Docker Setup an OpenLDAP server in a docker container, including a LDAP Administration Manager web interface, requires just four commands in a Linux bash. Three more to enable TLS.
ctrl-alt-f-keys Overwrite Console Key Mapping Ctrl+Alt+F1 A description on where and how to change the basic Unix key mappings on Ubuntu. If you want to reconfigure Ctrl-Alt-Del or Ctrl+Alt+F1 or Alt+F1, you find a solution in this article.
c++-tupel C++11 Variadic Templates: Fun with Tuple To learn the power of the new variadic template parameters, I decided to implement my own tuple class. I know, there is already a tuple Implementation in the C++11 standard library, but it is a cool example anyway, and it is a typical use for variadic templates. Of course, the challenge is to check if [Beitrag lesen ...]
sed-gnu Stream Editor sed Overview and Reference I was missing a one-page overwiew of sed commands, so here they are: Command Line OptionsAdressesRegular Expressions(GNU extension)(GNU extension)GNU EscapesCommands option description –version show version –help show short usage -n –quiet –silent only produces output when explicitly told to via the p command -e SCRIPT –expression=SCRIPT explicitly add script expression -f SCRIPT-FILE –file=SCRIPT-FILE read script [Beitrag lesen ...]
docker41c878f83207e55634e1f5b602469a18 Docker Overview This article is for all those who are confused by the Docker concepts and who would like to have a short summary of the important things, instead of a widely distributed documentation.
registrare-ch Preisvergleich der .ch Registrare in der Schweiz Switchkunden sind gezwungen, ihre .ch-Domain umzuziehen. Dabei kann man locker mehr als ein Drittel sparen.
sync-android Synchronize Android Without Google It is simple to setup an Android device that synchronizes data with Google servers. But I want to have full control over my data, so how can I have my Android automatically synchronized with my own servers?
gnu-build-debian «Debianize» a Project This is outdated, use my new bootstrap-build-environment project instead! (new blog post for that topic will follow) This article describes, how to add fully automated Debian package building to an existing project, as preparation for a Jenkins build job.
cross-compile-openssl Cross Compile OpenSSL for Windows on Linux This article explains how to configure and build the OpenSSL library on a Ubuntu Linux to run on 32bit or 64bit Windows.
c++-cross-compile Cross Compile on Ubuntu Linux for Windows Using MinGW Cross Compiling on a Linux (Ubuntu) for Windows targets has become really simple in the last years.